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Austrian Airlines

Single Source – Group Adjusted Statements – Destination Reporting – IT-Reporting
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Do & Co AG

Controlling System
DO & CO chose CONFIRM as partner to setup a brand new designed OLAP based reporting with the prime goal to have it up and running extremely fast. Furtheron CONFIRM also performed the implementation in Phase 1.

Hutchison 3G

Data Intelligence Project
Hutchinson 3G is continously technically as well as from a conceptual point of view supported by CONFIRM while implementing the enterprise data warehouse. The data warehouse is based on ORACLE as RDBMS running on SUN and Hyperion as OLAP Database. The whole data warehouse is without any doubt a large scale warehouse project.
The ETL jobs are developed with Websphere Datastage and the user reporting is based on business objects.

Immobilien Holding

Real Estate Management Information System
Immobilien Holding GmbH ist the corporate headquarter of many well known real estate companies in Europe such as EKAZENT, B.A.I., Dr. W.W. DONATH Immobilienverwaltung GmbH, i.e.
To further increase efficiency in real estate management a data warehouse was jointly designed and setup which provides the managers all necessary information in time - regardless whether the ownership of the estate has changed throughout ist lifetime in the group.
The whole solution is entirely based on Microsoft products and integrates all relevant sources.

Lenzing AG

Management Accounting 
Lenzing AG is one of worlds leading natural fibre producers with its headquarter in Upper Austria. Due to the continously growing group of companies a complete redesign of the reporting and management accounting as well as the technical plattform was to be recommended.
CONFIRM provided the full requirement analysis being subsequently the basis for a tender with several software vendors. The whole project was performed as an all in offer.


Coaching DWH Redesign
Starting from the existing data warehouse and the currently used reporting structure a comprehensive KPI catalogue was developed covering the whole company. The KPI catalogue was even enlarged from the core to the extended version, including unique definitions and calculation rules.
Based on these requirements the whole structure for the new reporting was designed to achieve a reporting entirely being based on data warehouse data and eliminating cascaded EXCEL sheets totally.
This project also was one of the milestones in the decision for redesigning the whole data warehouse.

Mondi Packaging

Frame Contracts optimization
Jointly with Frantschach AG – in the meantime Mondi Packaging – a solution was designed and built to optimize the group wide usage of frame contracts.
Based on several operative systems a solution was developed showing all relevant key information to optimize the group wide usage of frame contracts. The pay back period for this project was far lower than 6 months.


Call Center Datawarehouse
S-Servicecenter is the call center company of ERSTE Bank and operated by CSSC. To provide efficient analysys of call center data in time, a data warehouse based on the specific requirements and load cycles (4 times per hour) was designed and implemented.

Telekom Austria AG

Operational Concept - Sales Analysis – ETL Evaluation
Telekom Austria AG assigned CONFIRM to develop the operational concept for the newly implemented and designed sales controlling tool.
It was necessary to define the interfaces between the operational staff doing the budgeting and the operational systems including business process management and design.
Additionally to this concept it was CONFIRM's duty to evaluate the opportunities of introducing a new ETL tool to replace the existing solution. CONFIRM accompained and guided the whole evaluation process.