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Target is the implementation of measures and tools to chase the strategy development and a long term process improvement. Information is a lot more than just KPI's but one of the main resources in our economic environment which is currently not taken care of appropriately.

Information as KPI's

  • KPI's have to be available in all business departments. Controlling is a lot more than just financial controlling - such as sales controlling, marketing controlling, production controlling, maintenance controlling, peer group management, supply chain management
  • KPI's also have to be available to manage business processes - this is a total different approach as standard business reporting
  • Focus on the right information - less reports but the right ones
  • On demand also details must be accessible
  • Information has to be available in time and automatically
  • Budgeting and simulation - operative as well as strategic

Information as resource

  • Analyses of the demand on internal and external information
  • Development of the necessary information competence in the enterprise
  • Flexibility of the information landscape
  • Information management 2.0 - information management and not technology riding